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Jason is the Vice-President of Operations for Burton Energy Group. Optimizing energy is a passion since it is in tune with the problem solving mentality that forced him to pursue electrical engineering. When not pushing the envelope of services possible for clients at the office, he is a gadget geek and loves to let the inner engineer out, often to the frustration of his wife. He tries in vain to be the man his dogs think he is.

Burton Energy Group and Carbon Reporting

Carbon disclosures are difficult. Finding the raw data for energy, fuels, and fugitive emissions require compiling data from many sources within a corporation that typically don’t have reason to keep records integrated, much less in a format that lends itself… Continue Reading →

The Future of Electric Utilities – Leveraging the Smart Grid

One bright spring day, I was enjoying the warming weather and sunny skies. Not a cloud in the sky, but nonetheless, the power suddenly went out. In the spring in Atlanta, we are accustomed to power interruptions when thunderstorms roll… Continue Reading →

Burton Crew Narrowly Escapes the Titanic in Team Building Exercise

The team at Burton Energy Group isn’t all work all the time. Given the intensity that comes with the volume of work we process, it is surprising when a group of colleagues want to do something social outside the office…. Continue Reading →

Simplicity of Burton ESP…Avoiding Energy Data Overload

One of our clients, a well-known energy manager for a large corporation was a bit jaded when he saw that we were going to discuss our reporting platform with him. “Everybody has one, and it is usually just an overload… Continue Reading →

Introducing Burton’s Energy Strategy Platform: Burton ESP

When we started building our own tools back in 2010, we had no intention of building a platform. The intent was to automate tasks analysts do that are tedious and repetitious and provide visualizations that are useful to quickly see… Continue Reading →

Green IT Part 2: General Office Energy Savings… The IT closet/server room

In Part 1, we covered the individual and common workspaces, but in Part 2 we consider the hidden power hog, the “IT Closet/Server Room.” Virtualization of servers Instead of having each server as a separate box, we chose to virtualize… Continue Reading →

Green IT – Part 1: Can you really find savings in a general office setting?

Recently, we moved to new offices, and the opportunity to upgrade and enhance our equipment and office infrastructure presented itself. In going through this project, it was dramatic how much of an impact keeping energy in mind had while making… Continue Reading →

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