Burton Energy Group would like to wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and extend some energy-saving tips to all those hosting Turkey Day this year.

  1. When everyone is arriving – Avoid wasting indoor heat by making sure the front door stays closed while all your loved ones are coming and going.
  1. Take advantage of unexpected heat sources – With the oven roasting all day long and the body heat from your guests, you can probably turn your thermostat down slightly and feel just as toasty.
  1. Cook efficiently – Some easy tips: use a slow-cooker for your side dishes as it’s more energy efficient than an oven, roast multiple items in your oven simultaneously so long as the required temperatures vary by no more than 25 degrees, and make sure to use lids as well as pots and pans that are sized appropriately to the burner to avoid wasting stovetop heat.
  1. Check your tools – Guidelines from energy.gov include using flat, copper-bottomed pans for the best conductivity on your stovetop and using ceramic or glass dishes in the oven. Ensure your kitchen’s energy efficiency by making sure your appliances are ENERGY STAR® approved.
  1. Cleaning up – Instead of using additional running water, scrape any residual food off your plates and allow your dishwasher to do the dirty work for you. For those caked-on messes, plug the drain and fill your sink with soapy water before scrubbing to limit water usage.