A behind the scenes look at the Burton Break Room. I believe you can learn a lot about a company from their break room. One can pick up on if a company is environmentally conscious, Do they recycle? You could easily surmise if they are health conscious from the selection of drinks and snacks available. You can even gauge if they are clean and orderly by the structure of a breakroom. I am happy to say in the Burton breakroom you will find all of the above to be true. People may come to the breakroom to brew their coffee, eat their lunches, possibly to grab one of our healthy snacks, or recycle their refuse from the day. If it’s Friday-they are no doubt there for the Munchkins (Thank you, Brett).  However, we all stay a moment longer to read the Whiteboard Topic of the week and the comedic fodder that always tends to be evoked. The topics are supplied from the entire office. Important hard-hitting discussions are brought forth from our Conversation Board such as, “What would be your walkout song?”, “If you could share a meal with anyone dead or alive who would it be?” sometimes our symposiums get deep and emotional when we really dig deep and ask questions such as “How do you feel about Hamby winning the March Madness pool?” We are all still in shock about that one. Our topics spur mini-symposiums amongst us, learning about “Favorite Cartoons”, “Favorite Commercial Jingles”, “Odd Food to Try”. There is so much that can and has been gleaned. It has been a great forum for us to recommend restaurants, podcast, books, movies, tv shows, and websites to try that we might otherwise not have known existed.  Someone else’s favorite may bring you back to a known favorite you had long forgotten and allows you to reminisce about the good old days. If you are in town for a visit with us, please stop by our breakroom, enjoy a snack, take a look at the most adorable pets on the planet on our pet board, and contribute to our Whiteboard Chronicles. Feel free to recommend a question for us and we will get it posted and see what responses it elicits, we value each other’s input and yours, we are all more than co-workers, we are influencers!