The Burton team enjoyed a few hours out of the office leading into Labor Day weekend. After a productive company meeting, we assembled at Main Event and slipped on multi-colored, slick-soled shoes before going in search of the perfect bowling ball to knock down some defenseless pins. At least on occasion we knocked them down, but just as often the pins were left standing and the resulting scores were more aligned with golf instead of bowling! Few seemed to take notice though, except for maybe Doug Latulippe who walked away with the high score and now has the honorary Burton bowling pin proudly displayed in his office.

After bowling several of us gathered at a local pub to kick off the start of the college football season.  It’s an exciting time with everyone hopeful that their respective team(s) will have a successful year. As the barley and hops flowed, we all talked a little smack, which is easier to do when your team is still undefeated. Hopefully I can still show my face at the end of the season and all the good-natured ribbing I handed out to my fellow colleagues doesn’t come back to haunt me!