We all look forward to the various holidays that are scattered throughout the year. Usually that means spending time with family and friends. At Burton that also includes having fun with colleagues, and on some occasions their families.

Kay Kern from our Supply and Risk Management team spearheaded our Halloween Party, which was actually a few days before October 31st so the kids could practice their Trick-or-Treat greetings. Several employees brought their kids to the office, where they enjoyed spending time with the other children and going from office to office in search of chocolate bars and other goodies. Thankfully none were scared away by the Wicked Witch of the Southeast (after all, we are in Atlanta).

Burton Halloween 4

A few years ago, on Thanksgiving Eve our office was about half full of employees and we all decided to go to lunch together. Knowing that several pounds of turkey and dressing awaited us over the next 3-4 days, we went in search of something a little different. And what could be more different than Benihana? That’s right – we all gathered around the long serving table and watched our chef prepare a variety of Japanese dishes. Everyone had a great time, and we have made the trek back to Benihana on Thanksgiving Eve each year since.


The first Burton holiday tradition began in 2001, a few days before Christmas. It would become known as PB&J day, hosted by Landmark Restorations at their warehouse. A lengthy assembly line of Burton employees roll up their sleeves and make the traditional sandwiches for a number of Atlanta area shelters. In the early years, the total sandwich count was around 1,000. But as the company grew and we refined our processes, we soon surpassed the 10,000 mark. After a full day in the warehouse, we always toast our good fortune at a favorite cantina near the Landmark warehouse.

Burton-action ministries

So a Japanese Thanksgiving and a Mexican Christmas! As you see holiday traditions are a bit abnormal here. Continuing with that theme, we opted to have our Company Christmas Party in late January. It seems we’re always busy shopping, traveling and going to other parties leading up to Christmas, so having our party a few weeks after the big day became the Burton way. One of my colleagues is usually gracious enough to host the party, and we still carry out the theme with a Christmas tree and, even better, presents for the Managing Partners! I’m not sure who first had that idea but they should be rewarded with a promotion and raise.


On Independence Day Atlanta is home to the world’s largest 10k run, the Peachtree Road Race, with 60,000 plus participants starting in Buckhead, running south on Peachtree and ending at Piedmont Park. We always have a few employees who lace up their running shoes and hit the pavement for 6.2 miles of fun (or in my case pain). The race is really an amazing event, with onlookers lining both sides of the street to cheer on runners of all ages. Afterwards, we always meet at a local eatery or pub and share our individual PTRR experience with others, not to mention replacing the calories we just ran off.   If you’re ever in Atlanta on the 4th it is highly recommended.

And there you have it… the many holiday traditions at Burton Energy Group!