The majority of Burton employees work in our office every day and appreciate the ability to interact with their team and others, on a regular basis. During this pandemic and the shelter-in-place order that was previously implemented in Georgia, the Burton team began working remotely. Our IT department worked hard to ensure all employees had remote access, strong bandwidth, and the ability to continue to communicate with each other through video, while we set up home offices. The Managing Partners have also taken great strides to keep everyone connected with weekly virtual meetings to share constantly changing news and to check in on each employee’s well-being. Each team member has faced their own challenges as our “normal” quickly changed, so we reached out to everyone to get a sense of how they are adapting and what they missed most about the office.

  1. What applications are your kids using for remote learning?
    For those who have kids, responses included some type of online learning software such as Canvas, Classlink, and Pearson. These applications were also supplemented with similar communication programs that Burton employees have used, such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  2. What services are our clients using to work around issues resulting from COVID-19?
    Our clients followed suit by utilizing online tools such as Skype, Zoom, and other services to hold online meetings and conferences. Burton was able to help with any utility-related bill issues over the phone or through online portals.
  3. Is there anything you miss from the office?
    There were a few who mentioned things about monitors, office chairs, and the coffee machine, but almost everyone misses the day to day interactions with their colleagues.
  4. What has been a challenge while working from home?
    Most employees said they struggled with balancing their work and providing for their family and pets. A few had difficulties with the technical aspects of working from home, but have since then come up with new and innovative ways to accomplish tasks.
  5. Would you be interested in a virtual get together to catch up with your colleagues?
    100% of Burton’s employees were interested in having a company-wide virtual call to reconnect and share some stories. Burton was able to make this happen along with an interactive game show put together by the partners.

As we continue to work from home and slowly transition back to the office, we will continue to grow and adapt to provide the best possible services for our clients. We hope everyone out there stays safe and healthy!