This fall, we added a couple of new pumpkins to the Burton patch! In early October, Paul, one of our Energy Specialists, and his wife, welcomed their first baby girl, to a household full of boys. To start November, Chris, our (recently promoted) Director of Water Management, and his wife, welcomed their firstborn, a little boy. Fortunately, both little pumpkins arrived healthily and the moms are doing well! Since Chris works remotely, we took advantage of his time in Atlanta for a company meeting and showered both dads with new gifts.

We set Chris up with plenty of camo, including a camo diaper backpack, since we knew that an appreciation for the outdoors would definitely be part of his little pumpkin’s life. As our Director of Water Services, it was only fitting that we go ahead and also buy a toddler potty, which I’m sure is water efficient.

For Paul, it was time to introduce him to some pink! We know his sons will be happy to share some of their toys, but a little frill was needed for her arrival. We have no doubt that this little pumpkin princess will have her dad wrapped around her pinkie and no time!

It’s always a blessing when our Burton family grows and we love taking some time to celebrate the upcoming arrivals, share stories, and of course, eat cake!