So I decided to start composting at home, and the majority of resources I read suggested that coffee grinds are great for a compost pile. I don’t drink coffee at home, but I’ll have one or two cups at work a week while many of my co-workers have at least a cup a day.
Enter the Keurig K-Cups. We’re a small business, but still throw out at least 50 used K-Cups a week; sometimes more. We made a box to collect the used K-Cups and I take them home each Friday to add to my compost. At first, people didn’t know what the K-Cup box was for, so we added a sign so others would know it was OK to put their used K-Cups into the box.

K-CUPs sign

After we put the sign up and explained to people around the office what we were doing with the K-Cups it really caught on! Now everyone puts their used K-Cups into the box. Below shows what I did with the K-Cups to get the coffee grinds.


Getting Ready to compost with K-Cup!

There’s more to a K-Cup than just coffee. There’s always a filter (compostable!) and sometimes a plastic disc. Unfortunately the outside shell and top lid isn’t recyclable.

After removing the coffee grinds you can see the plastic disc at the bottom of this K-Cup.

The emptied the coffee grinds. This was about 50 K-Cups worth!

This is Part 3 of our new Green Around the Office Series! Stay tuned for more posts related to sustainable actions Burton employees are taking to reduce their impact on the environment!
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