Celebrations for the energy efficiency efforts of ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year winners continues with SocialStar Week! #ENERGYSTARPOY!

I recently sat down with the three Managing Partners of Burton Energy Group to learn exactly what ENERGY STAR means to them, how it is important to our business, and a stand out moment for them in 2015. Read Part 1 of the interview below!!

Amanda P (AP): Why is ENERGY STAR important to our business?


Brent B: ENERGY STAR provides the core foundation for energy efficiency and conservation, and we utilize their principles and tools in working with our clients to help them reduce energy and water consumption. The ENERGY STAR model is applicable across a number of commercial sectors, and we’re fortunate to have customers in a multitude of vertical markets, so we can utilize their expertise in specific areas.

George P: It helps us deliver world class information about energy efficiency to clients and prospects; it helps us work them to benchmark their buildings and track improvements over time; and it provides a standard for excellence in education about energy and the environment.

Mark B: The ENERGY STAR approach of recognizing building performance is a perfect fit for our business. Feedback, tracking, and recognition from such a publically recognized brand is a huge asset in many efficiency programs that we help drive for our customers.

Amanda P: What is your favorite part of the ENERGY STAR Program?

Brent B: Their commitment to making the world a better place to live by practicing the basics of energy and water conservation. And while Burton provides our clients with a platform of services, at the end of the day it all reverts back to simply reducing their energy usage and saving them money.


George P: The fact that ENERGY STAR brings together so many people in our industry to share best practices, challenge each other, and continue to drive efficiency in commercial and industrial buildings.

Mark B: I’m a huge fan of the Building Challenge program!

Amanda P: Who is your Energy Efficiency Hero? #ENERGYSTARHero


George P: Bob Valair of Staples. His leadership in the field has set the standard for other retail national accounts to follow, and he is always looking to discover and implement the next generation solution in his fleet of buildings. He also is a great mentor to new people entering the field.

Amanda P: What does it mean to you and our clients to help protect the environment through superior energy efficiency?


Mark B: Energy efficiency is the best way to pursue an environmental strategy, driving bottom line savings and reduced greenhouse gases. Our clients love the double benefits.

George P: It means we all can have our cake and eat it too to some extent. Investing in energy efficiency delivers strong ROIs while also reducing carbon emissions. It improves the profitability of operating buildings, which leads to job growth. It really is win-win-win.

Cake Awards1

George-this cake?

Stay tuned for Part 2 tomorrow, which will include the Partner’s favorite ENERGY STAR moments from 2015 and their energy savings tips!

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