Part 2 of our interview with the Managing Partners of Burton Energy Group continues below!

Amanda P: Is there an ENERGY STAR moment from 2015 that stands out to you?


Brent B: In order to meet and exceed client expectations, we have to know the energy footprint of their buildings. That means we need the cooperation of property managers and engineers to share their building data with us. So we distribute a property profile form for them to complete. This obviously takes some effort on their behalf and can be time consuming. I was incredibly overwhelmed with the vast number of forms that were returned in their entirely, and the promptness with which this exercise was completed. It reinforced that our clients have bought in, and their active participation and assistance makes our job that much easier, and more importantly their energy program that much more impactful.

Mark B: The recognition for Burton’s clients for Partner of the Year status…with Staples being the one most committed to ENERGY STAR participation…stands out to me.

George P: The EPA’s increased focus on adding waste and water awareness to ENERGY STAR. That matches the journeys our clients are on, and led us create some new services while expanding our investment in others.

Amanda P: Did you know, “In 2014 alone, all ENERGY STAR partners prevented 283 million metric tons of GHG emissions, providing $31.5 billion in economic benefits?” How does this feel to be a part of such an impactful program?


Mark B: It’s great to be part of an industry that can achieve those kinds of results.

George P: We are proud to be part of this achievement, and look forward to these numbers continuing to grow.

Amanda P: What is your favorite energy savings tip?

Brent B: We provide clients with an Energy and Water Conservation Guidelines document, with periodic updates of best practices in their market. We also conduct hundreds of energy and water audits. Our most impactful tip is that if a facility manager will employ our simple conservation best practices on a consistent basis, their building can significantly lower energy usage and costs without a large capital investment. And by adhering to these efficiency measures and improving daily operations, it often translates to a better experience for their customers as well.

Mark B: The Dark Building test highlights unnecessary energy usage and is great for finding energy savings!


George P: If it doesn’t need to be on, turn it off.

We hope you have enjoyed #ENERGYSTARPOY SocialStar Week as much as we have!!

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