Burton Energy Group joined more than 800 of our peers involved in commercial energy efficiency at the latest EEI National Key Accounts Workshop in Chicago last week. As always, the workshop included educational sessions, presentations for industry leaders, and interaction with many businesses who own and operate large facilities portfolios across the U.S. (and in many cases across the globe).

One of the things I always take away from these meetings is the remembrance that energy efficiency and sustainability are journeys. Like any journey the pursuit of these begins with a goal in mind, with some small steps, and with a sense of anticipation. Over time the people you meet and the lessons you learn change your journey, transforming it in ways you couldn’t have predicted when you started. It’s fun to engage with businesses just beginning their journey, and to learn from those who have been on the path for many years, and these workshops provide a unique educational and social opportunity to do that.

For Burton, one of the highlights of the workshop was hosting our “quickly becoming famous” late Tuesday night session at a local Irish pub. More than 50 of our clients, partners, and friends joined Mark Breuker, Doug Latulippe and me at Lizzie McNeill’s on the Chicago River. As you can see from the pictures accompanying this post, we hoisted a pint (or two) and shared stories from the past and plans for the future.

So here’s to the journey toward energy efficiency – may our energy trails cross many times in the future, and may we again be lucky enough to share a pint (or two)!