Our very own George Plattenburg, Managing Partner of Burton Energy Group, was published in the May 2014 issue of Hotel Business Review.  His article, “How Hotels Benefit From a Utilities Portal”, highlights the advantages of having a utility portal. In the article he explains how a utility portal is the foundation for all energy management services, and goes into detail about how to properly leverage a portal to get as much value from it as possible. Below are a few key quotes from the article…

“For most hotels, utilities are the second largest variable cost behind labor.”

“Many hotel brands have adopted a standard utility consumption reporting tool as part of their green branding efforts, but struggle to gather accurate data in a timely fashion. At the same time, many hotel operators see compliance with this information gathering as a necessary nuisance and the fulfillment of their sustainability efforts. In reality both parties are leaving tremendous value on the table by not implementing a more robust and meaningful utilities portal.”


To read the full article go to… http://hotelexecutive.com/business_review/3891/how-hotels-benefit-from-a-utilities-portal