I recently sat down with Managing Partner Mark Breuker to learn about his recent switch to an electric-only vehicle. See what I learned in the interview below!

  • Amanda P (AP): Thank you Mark for sitting down with me today to talk about your recent switch to an electric car! What type of car did you recently purchase?
    • Mark B (MB): I purchased a Leaf S (the base model) in December 2014.
  • AP: Why did you decide to purchase a Leaf?
    • MB: The lease on my Maxima was expiring, and I heard about the “free car” opportunity with Tax Credits and leasing of a Leaf…I loved the economics so I test drove and loved the car.
  • AP: Were there any special rates or incentives that you received?
    • MB: Since I decided to purchase my Leaf, I received a Georgia Tax Credit of $5,000 and Federal Tax Credit of $7,500.
  • AP: Wow that is great! So, how do you charge up your Leaf every day?
    • MB: I initially tried plugging into the socket at 120V, but that takes FOREVER to charge…so after a day or two of that, I decided to install a 220V charger in my garage. That made a HUGE difference.
Leaf Charging

  • AP: Have you made any other changes in your daily life to accommodate the Leaf charging?
    • MB: I investigated and switched to the EV rate on Georgia Power, which provides really cheap power from 11pm to 7am…which is when I do 90% of the charging now. I have also installed a smart Ecobee tstat to control HVAC according to my rate schedule ($100 rebate as well) and have started the family on being aware of peak pricing from 2-7pm weekdays to shift things like the pool pump, laundry, etc.
  • AP: What are the advantages to driving a Leaf?
    • MB: The main advantage is every morning that I leave for work I have a full tank of gas! I never have to go to the gas station. It definitely saves money-I calculated my cost to drive is about 1.5 cents per mile…compared to about 12 cents per mile for a typical gas powered car. It has just enough range to get me to the airport and back, which is typically my longest drive.
  • AP: That must be nice having your car fully powered up every morning! What else do you enjoy about driving a Leaf?
    • MB: It has a lot of pick-up with an electric motor…very responsive…and the hatchback gives it great hauling capability for a “little” car.
  • AP: How much money do you think you are saving per month now that you are driving a Leaf?
    • MB: I’d estimate I am saving around $200/month on what I previously spent on gasoline. I didn’t drive a ton of miles before, but was filling up my gas tank at least once a week.
  • AP: Is there anything else you would like to add or say?
    • MB: I love it…but it’s probably best as a 2nd family car rather than your only car if you make any extended trips…unless you are willing to rent one.
  • AP: Thank you again Mark for your time today!
    • MB: Absolutely! I enjoy telling others about my Leaf 🙂

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