Earth Day 2018

Happy Earth Day! Every April 22nd, people around the world celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day dedicated to raising awareness about the effects of environmental degradation and how as individuals and communities, we can help reverse these effects. The very first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 and was a response to growing concerns about environmental pollution. Later that same year, we witnessed the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency and the enactment of the Clean Air Act of 1970. Within two years, the Federal Pollution Control Act was significantly amended, becoming the Clean Water Act.

48 years later, more than 1 billion people in about 195 countries celebrate Earth Day to provide information and build support for environmental protection. Earth Day 2018 focused on raising awareness about the effect plastic waste is having on the environment. According to the Earth Day Network, only 9% of plastic waste has been recycled properly, while 12% is incinerated. This leaves 79% of plastic waste to end up in landfills or in the environment. Plastic waste not only takes away from the natural beauty of the environment, but it also leaches hazardous chemicals into the earth and bodies of water which negatively impact human and animal health.

At Burton Energy Group, we are dedicated to waste and recycling. Not only do we provide our clients with sustainability program support that focuses on decreasing waste and increasing recycling rates, but also here in the office we strive to properly recycle all our day-to-day waste.

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