Happy Holidays from everyone at Burton Energy Group! As you indulge in seasonal treats and gift giving traditions, check out our list of tips to save energy and money over the holidays.


1. Buy LED Lights – As you deck out your tree, house, and holiday displays with your favorite lights, your electric bill may be going through the roof. Switch to LED for brighter, more durable, and longer-lasting lights. LED lights last longer because they use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Additionally, LED lights make your house a safer place throughout the season. LEDs don’t heat up like incandescent lights, and you can safely connect 20-25 strings of lights without overloading your socket.

2. Monitor Your Energy Use – Many utilities, such as Dominion and Duke, offer holiday lighting calculators online. If you want to keep a lighting budget or are just curious about your lighting energy usage, check out one of these calculators!

3. Use Timers – There’s no need to waste energy and money on lighting displays during the daytime when you can’t enjoy them! Use timers to turn lights on automatically at night and off during the daytime.


4. Cook Efficiently –  The holidays always call for big meals and lots of sweet treats. To reduce cooking energy usage, slow-roast dishes, skip preheating, use covered pots and pans, correctly size pots to burners, and microwave leftovers. 

5. Reduce Heating – Heating your home during winter will likely be your biggest energy expense. Turn your thermostat down to an energy-efficient temperature, seal air leaks, and take advantage of additional friends and family warming up your home.