The team at Burton Energy Group took a break last week to surprise Energy Engineer, Justin Yoo, with a tropical pre-wedding celebration.  Once we were able to pull Justin away from an enthralling spreadsheet, he was certainly caught off-guard by all of us in the conference room shouting “Aloha!” as he walked in to join us.  We enjoyed wearing our leis and celebrating with cake, ice cream and tropical punch.  While different people shared advice, the most (truthful) laughter came from Ed Figueroa’s advice to always respond to your wife, “You’re right, dear.”  We had a great time sharing our congratulations and well wishes with Justin before he and his fiancee, Susan, flew out to Maui for a quaint wedding ceremony on the beach.  Needless to say, we were all a bit jealous of his destination, but we wish them all the best!