It has been great to see the impact firsthand that Burton Energy Group has made over the years. From the time spent each year preparing sandwiches for the community food banks, the meals prepared for families staying at local Ronald McDonald houses, and many other charitable donations, we have made a tremendous community impact. I am likewise very proud to be part of the role Burton plays in promoting energy efficiency and sustainability throughout our local communities and beyond. Our commitment to environmental stewardship and energy conservation motivates us to do our best to ensure a brighter tomorrow. And these core values align very well and are strengthened through our ongoing partnership with ENERGY STAR®.     

As I am writing this post, Burton was just awarded the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for the 9th consecutive year, with the last seven being a Sustained Excellence Award. This represents a lot of hard work for not only the past year, but over several years, and is very much a positive reflection of our clients and their pursuit of energy efficiency as well.

Burton is grateful to be able to partner with ENERGY STAR to help provide energy savings, economic benefits, and lasting positive environmental impacts for several years now. While most everyone is familiar with the ENERGY STAR blue label for energy efficient products and appliances, the impact reaches much further than that. ENERGY STAR is a voluntary program backed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and consumers and businesses across America have looked to ENERGY STAR as a resource for saving energy and protecting the environment for over 20 years. From energy efficient appliances to benchmarking commercial buildings in the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager tool, ENERGY STAR has been leading the way to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

I remember back to when Burton was first awarded ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year in 2013. That represented a milestone for the company as we began a partnership with ENERGY STAR that has lasted for nine years and counting. While we were very excited to win that first award, we are no less excited about this current award as it represents a cumulation of efforts over an extended time. I also remember my first ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award winner meeting in Washington DC, and while times have certainly been different these past two years, it was also great to participate in the virtual 2021 meeting recently with other award winners as well.

The journey to date has certainly been rewarding, and we look forward to seeing what the next chapter brings as we continue moving forward to promote energy efficiency well into the future. We want to congratulate all the 2021 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year organizations who together have been able to make tremendous energy efficiency and environmental impacts. Here’s to continuing to make a difference for many years to come!