I told myself, “I’ll just put them up early this year when the weather is still pleasant but not turn them on until after Thanksgiving”…then Tuesday came.  Although there is still 65 days until Christmas (I’ll save you the math, it’s October 21st now), we received record snowfall of over 7” here in Minneapolis. Typically, this is not a significant event, however, when the lawnmowers and leaf blowers (not snowblowers) are still in the garage, this gets your attention.

Even with this surprise snowfall and the backache of shoveling, there is still a simple beauty in the crisp fall colors mixing with the pure white snow that can’t be ignored. The hum of snowblowers down the block and the scraping of shovels along the pavement are oddly nostalgic from just 6 months ago. So even though this, along with most other events in 2020, was unexpected, taking the time to appreciate the beauty in it all and find the silver lining to the snowflakes is important.

For me, I may just leave the lights on a few more nights…after all, they give a nice glow when mulching leaves with the snowblower.