We are happy to welcome Frank Thomas of Landmark Restorations, LTD as a guest blogger on The Energy Trail.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches for the Homeless (now known as PB&J Day) started in the basement of the Grant Building in December, 1981. The Grant Building was Landmark’s first home, located in downtown Atlanta. The building’s custodial maid “Anne” approached Landmark and asked if we could help the church ladies make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Atlanta homeless. Our initial reaction was, “Peanut butter and jelly? How strange. Why not ham & cheese or something along those lines?” But, we were dedicated to helping the church fulfill their obligation to feed the less fortunate, so that December we embarked on a journey that quickly became part of our company’s DNA.

The first sandwiches were placed in zip lock bags and labeled….”made with Love and Care by Charles Wheeler, Mike Bailey and Frank Thomas” – our original Landmark crew.  More importantly, the idea would manifest itself from 200 sandwiches in December of 1981 to 16,000 + in December of 2011. Each and every year we look forward to having our friends and associates meet to share our blessings and help those less fortunate. We are so pleased that the Burton Energy team has been a part of PB&J Day since 2001, and broke their own sandwich making record last year with a whopping 10,000+ in one day (read more about it here)! We expect no less from the Burton team and from all those who will join us for PB&J Day 2012.

– Frank Thomas
President of Landmark Restorations, LTD.

For more information on volunteer opportunities for PB&J Day 2012, contact Frank Thomas at frank@landmarkrestorations.com