Creating a recycling program at offices can sometimes present a challenge as you need to coordinate with multiple parties such as building management, maintenance/cleaning staff, potentially waste and recycling haulers, as well as the actual users of the office space. At the Burton headquarters, not only is our office building ENERGY STAR certified, it also has a single stream recycling program already in place. The only problem? Many of the employees were unclear as to which bins were for recycling and which were for trash.

Ordering a few additional recycle bins and sending a friendly reminder email to all employees easily got the Burton team dialed in to proper recycling at the office! The management of our building has made recycling easy for not only the cleaning staff, but also for building occupants with two easy rules for the plastic bin liners:

  • Bins with Clear Liners = recyclables (paper, envelopes, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, file folders).
  • Bins with Black Liners = trash.
Recycling Flyer

The building management even had an easy-to-read flyer for us to use!


The picture above shows a new recycle bin with a clear liner in the main conference room.


New recycle bin with a clear liner at a desk!


We added an extra recycling bin in the kitchen next to the black lined bin for trash. The small box on the floor collects used K-Cup to compost the coffee grounds…We will talk about that in another post!!

This is Part 1 of our new Green Around the Office Series! Stay tuned for more posts related to sustainable actions Burton employees are taking to reduce their impact on the environment!
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