I’m incredibly excited about our new blog, The Energy Trail.  Our VP of Operations, Jason Hamby, submitted the winning entry in our “Name That Blog” contest. When I heard Jason suggest The Energy Trail, I knew we had the perfect name. It captures the essence of our journey as a company – from one individual to a mid-sized energy consultancy, and with significant growth opportunities ahead thanks to our visionary clients and my talented colleagues. And our CEO George Burton (pictured here), being the avid hiker that he is, gave a “paws up” to the blog name.

What will you find on The Energy Trail? Effective energy management and conservation is obviously vital to our company and clients, but it is also increasingly critical to the U.S. and the world.  We will share our thoughts and [hopefully entertaining] articles about a variety of energy related initiatives. You will find posts on events we participate in that are important to us, like the annual PB&J Day and the Red Cross Blood Drive. And we’ll also share some stories from company outings, like the tour of the Sweetwater Brewery and our friendly competition at the lanes of Midtown Bowl here in Atlanta.

On behalf of my peers at Burton Energy Group, welcome to The Energy Trail.  We hope you derive as much enjoyment out of reading our posts as we do in making the blog a fun, informative site of all things energy… and beyond.

Burton Energy Group provides integrated energy management solutions for the commercial sector. Their services include strategic planning and risk management, utility bill management, energy procurement, energy and water conservation, utility budgeting, energy audits, sustainability programs, and management reports. Burton Energy Group represents owners and managers for some of the most respected companies in the commercial sector. Visit the company’s website at www.burtonenergygroup.com for more information.