img_3306It’s no trick; a very nice treat is on its way!  Burton Energy Group is looking forward to welcoming Micah Burton to the family very soon! The team took some time to share their wisdom and wishes and celebrate Brent, Kimberly and the upcoming arrival of their baby boy, who is due November 4th.

We enjoyed decorating the new conference room with baby boy decorations and a wall of onesies, some of which included the Burton logo. We had to make sure that Micah would be ready to market our services in style, upon his arrival! It was quite enjoyable watching Brent open gifts with a puzzled and somewhat frightened look, as he tried to figure out what everything was and how it was supposed to be used (correctly).


We already have the break-room stocked with coffee for Brent, once he enters the joy of sleepless nights that aren’t due to an over-time or extra inning game.  It’s certainly game-on for the Burtons and we are so thrilled for Brent, Kimberly and their four-legged kiddos, George and Rufus!