We have successfully made two more dinners at Ronald McDonald House during the past four months, one in May and the other in August. We also collected items for a supply drive and took them with us when we visited in May. They had requested oven mitts, induction compatible pots and pans (we learned from our brunch meal these are very important), and various other items.

Supply Drive May18

For our May dinner, we decided to do a barbecue. Brett was on the grill and Jason carved the watermelon. Yes, Jason is one of our Engineers, who would have guessed. He finally put his engineering skills to use and carved the melon like a pro. He said he had never carved a melon like that before, then again, he is an engineer that could be true. I knew there was a reason we keep him here. I toasted the buns but got a little distracted on the last batch, so let’s just say the last batch was extra crunchy.  Strangely enough, there were no complaints about the crunchy buns.

Barbecue Grill May 18 (002)

For our August dinner, we made Tacos. Ed made his now famous guacamole a la YouTube and I must admit it was delicious, but I’d never tell him that. I made the chocolate brownie dessert and only admitted to making it once I heard the good reviews. If anyone had complained, I would have said Brett made it and pointed him out.

We met one family whose son had drowned in a swimming pool and was at the bottom of the pool for about three minutes before they found him. It was quite amazing because you would never have guessed based on the way he was running around. It’s always great to hear these stories and see that miracles still happen. Volunteering at Ronald McDonald always makes us feel grateful for our good health and the life we have. We enjoy every moment of serving these families and we look forward to our next one in November!

Aug 24 Meal Team