We are so grateful to our Burton employees who volunteered their time and energy to prepare a meal for the families at the Ronald McDonald House at Atlanta’s Scottish Rite Hospital, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

Thank you

Thanks to Brett, Suzanne, Margie, Jennifer K and her family, Jason T and special thanks to Kay for all her efforts in coordinating the meal and our team!  We would also like to thank everyone in the Burton office who donated goods to be shared with the families at the Ronald McDonald House.  We had the pleasure of representing all of Team Burton on site on Friday and our efforts were genuinely appreciated.


The entrance to the beautiful Atlanta RMHC facility, which just opened last year. 

The kitchen and dining areas in particular are spectacular.


The dessert we made, a peach and blueberry cobbler which was served with ice cream.  It was yummy and went well with the chicken, burgers, hot dogs, salads and other assorted food we prepared and served.


 A few members of the Burton team-clearly everyone had a good time!