Our televisions, web sites and radio waves are crowded with stories regarding energy problems that our planet must address. Improving knowledge of our rapidly changing energy challenges is crucial. While online courses are growing in popularity, they often lack the intimacy and focus of the classroom environment. Luckily for Atlanta locals, the greater metropolitan area offers ways for business professionals and other concerned citizens to learn about energy conservation techniques.

The Emory Continued Education institution (ECE) offers a certificate of sustainability that includes classes that are focused on energy management. Atlantans can learn energy conservation measures, renewable energy options and environmental practices. The certificate includes four courses and a project. The faculty boasts of years of expertise in various facets of energy like legal issues, conservation initiatives and social implications. Feel free to learn more here (http://ece.emory.edu/sustainability/curriculum.html)

ECE is not the only way for locals of the ATL to learn more about energy management. Southface (www.southface.org) offers courses for professionals that desire a more “hands on” approach to the residential and construction aspects of energy. Southface offers courses on safety considerations, energy rating systems, and home energy audit ideas.

As our city and planet continue to evolve, there continues to be a need for energy education. ECE and Southface are just two examples of the many options that are available to us all!!