It’s been a long cold winter, but if you look outside, the birds are chirping, the dogwoods are blooming and the thermometer keeps crawling over the 70 degree mark… You know what this means? That’s right, March Madness at Burton Energy Group!

March Madness at Burton Energy Group is steeped in a rich history. It’s allure cannot be turned down from even former employees and associates alike. From the first jump ball on that spring Thursday afternoon to the “One Shining Moment” montage to close out that late Monday Night on CBS, employees of Burton Energy Group enjoy keeping track of their brackets and bantering back and forth with their colleagues. Converting a spare conference room into a viewing party or reserving a large table at a lunch spot are two of the ways the tournament gets tipped off at Burton Energy Group.

With basketball powerhouses like Duke, Michigan, and Kentucky well represented in the office, March Madness is always a fun time to be at Burton!


The Excitement Begins!