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Simplicity of Burton ESP…Avoiding Energy Data Overload

One of our clients, a well-known energy manager for a large corporation was a bit jaded when he saw that we were going to discuss our reporting platform with him. “Everybody has one, and it is usually just an overload… Continue Reading →

Heat Maps-A Picture is Worth a Thousand kWh

Getting a handle on energy data for a large number of physical locations can be a challenge at best, and a seemingly insurmountable task at worst. The prospect of wading through thousands or millions of data points to assemble a… Continue Reading →

Introducing Burton’s Energy Strategy Platform: Burton ESP

When we started building our own tools back in 2010, we had no intention of building a platform. The intent was to automate tasks analysts do that are tedious and repetitious and provide visualizations that are useful to quickly see… Continue Reading →

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