It was high time for a Burton team outing – and last Wednesday seemed like the perfect “get out of the office, hang out and toss some pins” kinda day. So we did! We all convened at the Sweetwater Brewing Company on Ottley Drive in midtown, for a guided tour of the brewery. Lots of fine beverages were tasted and general company mayhem ensued.

From there, it was Midtown Bowl or bust! The place was quiet before we showed up! Pretty soon it was “all shoes in” and pins were flying – well maybe not AS MANY pins on SOME lanes as others… (The score cards can attest to this…) But the “pros” quickly made themselves known – especially those who brought their OWN BALL AND SHOES with them. The rest of us were happy to sport the good old red/brown standbys from the shoe counter.

In the end there were high scores and not-so-high scores – with Mark Breuker’s 188 topping the charts. In fact – Mark’s team had the highest cumulative score overall – Go Team, George! If you are interested in the good the bad and the ugly of bowling scores – check the list here.

Midtown Bowl – we thank you. And WE WILL Be Back!