Although much of the country’s recent weather conditions may have you double-checking your calendar to believe it, it’s officially March Madness time at Burton Energy Group headquarters – and that means annual traditions abound!


While some employees were well-prepared for the noon tip-off and had their strategy locked down days in advance, others spent Thursday morning googling “how to pick a Cinderella team” and frantically penciling in (and then erasing, and then penciling in again) their brackets for the Burton March Madness Office Pool tradition.

march madness1

Among the strategies employed by our Burton Bloggers: Kay’s brilliant approach to choose a winner based on her favorite of the two teams’ respective state flowers (where applicable), Kristen’s suggestion of making picks based on which campus city you’d prefer for vacation, and the ever-classic advice to make your choice based on which of the two
schools’ mascots would win in a Thunderdome-style
throw down.

Once our picks were locked, however fiercely strategic they may be, we all helped ourselves to slices of pizza (and the occasional bite of salad) before settling in for the 12:15 PM tip-off in our conference room. With multiple games up on multiple screens for optimum viewing pleasure, our IT team has never been more appreciated!

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