Lead your business to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow this St. Patrick’s Day and “Green Up” your office with ENERGY STAR efficiency tips that are sure to save energy and money!

st. patrick's day

1) Avoid excessive use of artificial light.
Lighting accounts for nearly 25% of energy use in most office buildings. Do your best to curb use in your office by ensuring empty rooms are not unnecessarily lit and making more practical use of rooms that are naturally filled with daylight.
2) Check that all air vents flow freely.
Your office’s HVAC has to work approximately 25% harder if air vents are blocked. Make sure filing cabinets and other office equipment are positioned in a way that the air coming out of the vents can circulate unimpeded.
3) Use your blinds to your advantage by adjusting them based on the weather.
Open up your blinds to allow both natural light and heat to flood your office if it’s cold, and remember to close the blinds before you leave to prevent heat loss overnight. If it’s already too warm in your office, close the blinds to avoid additional heat from sunshine.
4) For those of you that endure a tundra-like climate in your office even during the dog days of summer…
Avoid using a space heater under your desk, which can pose a fire hazard as well as use up more energy than is necessary. Bundle up with a sweater, take advantage of springtime weather with a quick walk outside to warm you up, or talk with your facility or office manager about adjusting the thermostat.
5) Invest in smart power strips.
Smart power strips save energy by detecting power going to unused devices, something more common than many people realize, and shutting them off. Click here for ENERGY STAR-certified office equipment.

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