The University of Alabama started the year off with a bang, but for the biggest fan in Burton’s office, it paled in comparison to the birth of his first born! Zach, one of our Developers, and his wife Amy, welcomed their daughter into this world in late February. To make sure Zach was ready for her arrival, the team at Burton outfitted him with an Alabama diaper bag backpack, Alabama baby accessories, personalized onesies, a booster chair and of course, diapers. Come football season though, there might be a household struggle as to which SEC team she’ll be supporting, since Amy and Zach have different allegiances. Either way, when you are a girl in the South, it’s never too soon to be ready for your first football season!

It was an enjoyable afternoon sharing cake, snacks and lemonade, while the parents around the office shared their baby stories with Zach. With Zach’s calm and cool demeanor, we know he’s going to make an incredible dad and that precious blessing will undoubtedly be daddy’s little girl!