Here at Burton, we have a longstanding holiday tradition called “PB&J Day”, where we spend an entire workday assembling sandwiches that we then donate to organizations that serve the less fortunate. For this year’s PB&J Day, held in December 2018, we were again grateful to Landmark Restorations for allowing us to use their facility on the west side of Atlanta to host this festive event.

When it was all said and done, we managed to assemble and distribute over 4,000 sandwiches! That is far too many for any one organization to handle, so we had to partner with five different local non-profits to find homes for all of them.
We chose organizations that we knew could reach those individuals who are in the most need during the cold holiday season. These five nonprofits are vital to supporting the struggling populations of intown Atlanta, and have built reputations as cornerstones of these communities:

  • 1,000 sandwiches went to the Atlanta Mission – they “provide emergency shelter, rehab and recovery services, vocational training, services, and transitional housing to over 1,000 homeless men, women, and children every day”.
  • 1,000 sandwiches went to Gateway Center – they work throughout Metro Atlanta “to end homelessness through therapeutic program and community collaboration, including 369 beds for men who seek the tools necessary to achieve self-sufficiency.”
  • 1,000 sandwiches went to City of Refuge – they serve the Westside neighborhoods of Atlanta, “partnering with individuals and families in crisis to clear a pathway out of poverty and into a thriving community”.
  • 600 sandwiches went to Intown Collaborative Ministries – they “work to prevent and reverse homelessness and hunger in Intown Atlanta by building a healthy community through caring relationships and transformed lives.”
  • 400 sandwiches went to Covenant House – they “offer housing and support services to homeless, runaway and trafficked young people in need, reaching 80,000 boys and girls every year.”

We always have fun on PB&J Day. Out of all the fun things we do together as a group over the course of the year, this event has the biggest impact in the local community. We are appreciative to Landmark Restoration for hosting us, and to our partner non-profits for everything they do.

PB&J 1