Cooling System

Burton Energy Group’s demand side team recently had the opportunity to learn about a unique cooling tower water savings system by taking a field trip to see the system in person. We were invited by Aqualogix, the manufacturer of the system, to check out their largest installation to date at the largest university cooling tower system in Georgia. The Aqualogix system consists of several sub-systems, which work together to reduce billable city water use associated with operating the cooling towers. The system includes using ground water, which is filtered, treated, and used as a secondary source of water, reducing city water consumption. Another part of the system softens the city make-up water and constantly monitors chemical parameters, which allows for significantly increased cycles of concentration, further reducing the water consumption of the cooling towers. Advanced controls monitor every part of the system from make-up to blow down to optimize the water consumption of the towers.

Cooling System2

Burton’s engineers love learning about energy and water saving technologies, and especially getting to see them in action. We appreciate the opportunity provided to us by Aqualogix to see their system. While this system is installed on a very large cooling tower system, there are systems that can be installed on much smaller cooling tower systems as well, which could be a great fit for office buildings, hotels, or other buildings with smaller cooling tower systems. To learn more about Burton’s energy conservation services, click here!