It’s 8:00am Monday morning, it’s not a holiday (you think), and yet half of the office isn’t in yet. No, it’s not an episode of the Twilight Zone, it’s just happens to be another busy travel week at Burton! Over the past 10 months, Burton’s ‘frequent flyer club’ have visited clients and/or work sites in 21 states (including Hawaii) as well as Japan. This is all part of our high-touch approach to client relations and ensuring, in an ever-decentralized world, that our client’s needs come first. If this involves a 5:00am flight to make an 8:00am meeting to work through an issue or discuss the next opportunity, we will walk in with a smile on our face and coffee in hand!

In 2018 to date, Burton has conducted over 50 retro-commissioning (RCx) studies, ASHRAE Level I/II energy audits, or energy surveys for various national clients with several more anticipated for the remainder of the year. Additionally, our water services department has been busy conducting investment grade water audits at over 30 locations throughout the country as well as abroad. This is all part of our comprehensive approach to support the 1.1 billion square feet of assets that are part of our utility management program.