We moved into our new office recently, the fifth such space we’ve occupied and the third move for our company over the past five years.  Thankfully this relocation, like all of the previous ones, was precipitated by our growth and the need for additional space.  But to call it simply a “larger office” would discount a number of improved amenities.  My colleagues agree the office itself is an upgrade with higher end furnishings, and ergonomically it fits our needs better.   The building we occupy has an immaculate lobby and atrium.  There is a small lake and shaded walking trail that circles behind our building.  We’re fortunate to now have a 24/7 fitness center and deli/market that all of our employees have access to.  And I’m happy to report that we’re making use of these added benefits daily.


Move map 2016With close proximity to SR 400, the office is easily accessible for our employees, clients and working partners.  To the north is the new Avalon development, about two miles away and offering a plethora of restaurants, retail shops, and a movie theatre.  To our south is Northpoint Mall, offering similar shopping and dining options.  To our west are entertainment venues like TopGolf and Main Event, and we’ve been to both multiple times for various company events.  But the primary consideration was the office itself, with a creative floor plan that includes more and larger individual offices, larger project rooms, open space for small meeting sessions and other design elements that make for an improved work environment.


There was a lot of thought and effort that went into our move.  We spend a lot of time here and it is a five year commitment, so we wanted to get it right.  Based on comments from my peers and other Friends of Burton who have visited, we did just that.  Come see for yourself when you’re in the greater Atlanta area!