At Burton, we hold quarterly meetings that always end with a fun social event. In the past, we’ve bowled, cheered on local sports teams, played at arcades, participated in escape rooms, and spent the afternoon at Top Golf. Rest assured that no matter what we do, we always have a blast together. After our most recent quarterly meeting, we split into teams and embarked on a custom-tailored scavenger hunt, designed by our very own in-house game master, Jason Thompson.

Pumpkin Pic

Teams of 4 -5 gallivanted all around Alpharetta; through local shopping centers, restaurants, and parks, trying to solve the clues to complete the scavenger hunt before the clock ran out. There were reports of motion sickness from Leaf owners that were driving like Nascar racers. There were tales of good spirited sabotage; one team’s maps and clues may have been misplaced temporarily. Amazingly, none of the teams crossed paths during the scavenger hunt, all the while competing with the exact same maps and clues. Each team had a different method of madness to complete the scavenger hunt, or at least get the most points, before time expired.

Tied Scores

The finale included a nail-biting recount, two teams tied with 47 points of the possible 76. After the points were counted and the winners announced, everyone came together at a nearby BBQ restaurant for dinner and cocktails. We are happy to report there were no fender benders or traffic tickets received, due to the competitive spirit that runs rampant throughout Burton. There were awesome memories made, lots of photos to commemorate Burton’s First Scavenger Hunt, and even videos, where rules dictated evidence of a corn hole score. I believe this day raised the Burton bar for fun, which I personally feel was already set high.